Andy Ong

Andy Ong is usually being described as an aficionado and critic of arts. Andy believes that constructive criticism is the key element to improvement of standards of style and design. He holds the same values in both his private and professional life, always striving for the best.

 In 1988, Andy decided to pursue his dream in the world of photography in Japan. Having successfully graduated from the Nippon Photography Art School, he returned to his home country, Malaysia to build his career. Studio ROM was born in 1997. Over the years, Studio ROM became a force to be reckoned within the local photography scene, producing countless commercial campaigns and stunning editorial work for Malaysia's top magazines.

Andy thrives on challenges, creativity, and continually looking ahead toward future trends. He derives satisfaction from having a freehand to achieve flawless photographic results that satisfy the client's demands.

Andy has exhibited in Tokyo, in 2002, presenting his solo work ‘Freedom of Expression Ginza'. In the last two years, Andy ventured into China, taking on a number of eminent commercial projects for clients in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Andy recently set up Studio 31 and continuously working on ideas to further enhanced the overall standard and quality of photography in Malaysia.



Full name: Andy Ong

Date of birth: 14/01/1967

Horoscope: Capricorn

Place of birth: Perak, Malaysia

Language Known: Chinese, Malay, English and Japanese

Idol: Mario Testino

Education attainment:

 • Primary school - SJK (C) Hing Wa

 • Secondary school name – Shen Jai

 • Higher education/ Training courses attended – Nippon Photography Art School